Dark Matter Review

Rating: 5/5


That was my reaction when I got the book and ended up like “What did I just read?”.


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is some Inception crazy book. With all the hype, a part of me worried whether the book would disappoint me because of my high expectations especially from an author whose book I never read before. But this is the most craziest book I have read so far, getting crazier page after page. It’s thrilling, thought provoking, action packed, so gripping book which I’m sure you may even forget living your real life. Trust me the blurb and no review is not going to do justice to this book unless it spills out the story which will definitely ruin your reading experience.

This is spoiler free review so nothing to worry for those who are yet to read.

The main protagonist is Jason Dessen, a physicist who has been married to Daniela for years and has a teenager son Charlie. Jason Dessen teaches in a college and is leading a happy family man life. Then one day he decides to go to Village Tap, a local bar for Ryan Holder’s Party who is celebrating his winning of the Pavia Prize (an award given for achievement in field of Science). On his way back he is taken at gun point and knocked unconscious by injecting a drug.

Once he wakes up he realizes his whole life is changed…. From here it is one crazy ride on how far Jason goes to get back with his family. Unfortunately I can’t reveal anything more without spoiling it for you. I loved each and every twist of this mind bending exceptional book. I also fell in love with these well developed, authentic characters which usually doesn’t happen to me especially in this genre.

Overall Blake Crouch has done a brilliant work in a making this exceptional book, a book that is so gripping with probably the craziest plot you probably will every read. It just lured me right into that rabbit hole and then there was no turning back. This book is definitely going to be my Book of the Month and most probably The Book of Year 2016. The only regret I have is why I didn’t read his work sooner.

A must read book.

Click here to get your copy


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