Murder on the Orient Express Review

Ratings: 5/5

When it’s an Agatha Christie book in your hand there is never a room for disappointment. I often try solving crime mysteries (yup I did study criminology) as I read books of this genre but it’s only Agatha Christie’s books (so far) where I fail so miserably and infuriates me everytime reading the end of these whodunits which is always “entirely unbelievable”.

When reviewing Christie’s book we often can’t analyse the details of the plot without spoiling it for those who hasn’t read it yet. So instead of a complete review I intend to just introduce the plot.


Murder on the Orient Express is a classic work of The Queen of Mysteries, Agatha Christie. I have read few Agatha Christie books but this is my first Hercule Poirot book and was very excited about the same. A man named Ratchett is stabbed to death twelve times in his train compartment with no sign struggle and no clear exit for the murderer. With no exit options available the murderer was suspected to be one among the passengers.  Finally Poirot steps in as the lead investigator in the snowed in train leaving all ten questions to solve this crime mystery. As the story unfolds through several unforeseen twists, the investigator in me kept on shifting my suspects as new clues are revealed. Agatha succeeds in making the readers glued to book and making them believe there are no coincidences. This is a book I would recommend everybody to reread as every time you read you get to discover few key clues we overlooked.

Overall I loved the pace of the storyline, unpredictable twist and turns as always, gripping storyline, well planned murder with so much to uncover about each character making this an excellent read. Only The Queen of Mysteries can create such an elaborate plot with so many twists in 300 pages. Highly recommended.

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